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Unlocking environmental archives project visits swamps and collects sediment cores in the Kimberley

Prof Hamish McGowan (University of Queensland), leader of the Unlocking Environmental Archives project reports from the field:

We are collecting sediment cores from paleo-environmental archives in the southeast, northeast and northwest Kimberley. So far, we’ve collected two good cores from very near WA/NT border in northwest Tanami and sediment cores on Birrindudu Station (2 cores > 2.3m) and 2 x 2.3 m cores on Bullo River Station.Throughout the downtime we were able to make progress with the paleoclimate numerical modelling (PhD project led by Andrew Lowry). Andrew compiled a database of paleoclimate records for the Australian region and these will be used to validate and fine-tune the numerical modelling. Locating appropriate sites, arranging access and permits, and preparing equipment also kept the team busy.


Dr Rachel Rudd (Postdoc) and Teresa Dixon (PhD student) coring on Bullo River Station.  Photo: Hamish McGowan

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