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Understanding causes of environmental change

Unlocking the environmental archives of the Kimberley’s past  ARC LP170100242

Providing a paleo-environmental framework for the Kimberley region which gives context to the archaeological and rock art record. The Foundation previously funded a palynology pilot study of sediment cores from the North West Kimberley led by Prof. Hamish McGowan with PhD candidate Emily Field. This strategic funding led to the successful submission to the Australian Research Council  for funding over 3 years, led by RAA as the major cash partner. Due to Covid-19 field work will commence in 2021.

The project’s first planning workshop was held at The University of Queensland in May 2019. Led by Professor Hamish McGowan the workshop was attended by Professor Jonathan Woodhead, The University of Melbourne, Professor Simon Haberle, Australian National University, Dr Nik Callow, The University of Western Australia, Dr Stuart Browning, Macquarie University and Associate Professor Patrick Moss, The University Queensland. Dr Sven Ouzman, the University of Western Australia also attended and provided members of the research team with an overview of his experiences of conducting research in the Kimberley. Team members gave short presentations on previous research they had conducted in the Kimberley or research expertise that they will apply in the project over the coming three years.

An international search was held for the project’s Postdoctoral Fellow. The project was awarded a fully funded PhD scholarship by The University of Queensland to support a 3.5 yr PhD study to model the palaeoclimate of the Kimberley.

Understanding causes of environmental change

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Unlocking the past environments of the Kimberley
A late Quaternary record of monsoon variability in the northwest Kimberley, Australia
Unlocking the Kimberley: Next generation palaeoecology tracking environmental change in Australia. Prof Simon Haberle ANU