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Our Approach

We typically build on research already undertaken, expanding the depth and scope of our understanding. All research is undertaken in concert with the Prescribed Body Corporates, Aboriginal Corporations and Indigenous Protected Area Ranger programs as well as industry stakeholders to ensure engagement, cultural relevance and compliance.

Appropriate selection of projects is essential to ensuring our research program is well integrated. We work collaboratively and respectfully with Traditional Owners and their communities.

Research Themes and Priorities

Eight priority research themes reflect leading questions in rock art research and guide us in identifying and funding research projects:

  • Interpret and understand Australia’s rock art and the people and cultures that produced it.
  • Reconstruct past climate and environments.
  • Understand the production and composition of Australia’s rock art.
  • Understand the durability and resilience of the rock art and how to conserve it.
  • Establish methodologies and treatments to protect and conserve rock art.
  • Establish the antiquity of engraved and pigment art in Australia and understand its variability across space and time.
  • Establish the chronology of human occupation in Australia in the context of archaeological and genetic data.
  • Establish educational approaches to share and promote the research and cultural stories of rock art.

Prof Andy Gleadow discusses the initial results of groundbreaking academic research across the Kimberley region.