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Sir Antony Gormley

Rock Art

Rock art reflects humankind’s rich spiritual and cultural heritage and has great significance to its creators and their descendants.  It also has great significance to humanity generally.

Kimberley rock art is possibly some of the world’s oldest, with evidence suggesting the earliest occupation in the region dates back 50,000 to 60,000 years ago.

The rock art is important because it can show us how people lived, what was important to them, how and what they hunted, their rituals, how they dressed and how they adapted to both dramatic and gradual changes in their environments over time.


Kimberley Rock Art flyer

Rock Art Styles

There is a diverse range of rock art present in the Kimberley. This large variety of styles and sites reflects the cultural and artistic development in the region and can be understood to move through distinct Epochs as described in Grahame Walsh’s Rock Art sequence (published 1994) and the more recent Rock Art styles

The most famous of these are the Wanjina and Gwion periods.