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Jean-Michel Geneste is a professor and Conservateur Général du Patrimoine for the French Ministry of Culture. He has been curator of Lascaux for more than twenty years and led the Chauvet Cave research team in France. See below for links to articles and publications he has written.  

Landscape Australia Magazine – Article

Nawarla Gabarnmang

A spectacular rock-shelter in Arnhem Land, in Australia’s far north, questions assumptions about the nature of design, provoking reflection on the boundaries between the natural and the built. READ ARTICLE


Lascaux a work of memory, Fanlac, Perigueux, France. 2003.
Lascaux, Gallimard, Paris, France. 2012.


The Oxford Handbook of the Archaeology and Anthropology on Rock Art Edited by Bruno David and Ian J. McNiven. – Online Publication Date: Jan 2018 DOI: 10.1093/oxford

2011-The Origins of Ground-edge Axes:New Findings from Nawarla Gabarnmang, Arnhem Land (Australia) and Global Implications for the Evolution of Fully Modern Humans Jean-Michel Geneste, Bruno David, Hugues Plisson, Jean-Jacques Delannoy & Fiona Petchey – Cambridge Archaeological Journal.

2013- How old are Australia’s pictographs? A review of rock art dating. Contributors: Bruno David , Jean-Michel Geneste , Fiona Petchey , Jean-Jacques Delannoy , Bryce Barker , Mark Eccleston. Journal of Archaeological Science 40 (2013).

2012- A 28,000 year old excavated painted rock from Nawarla Gabarnmang, northern Australia. Contributors: Bruno David , Bryce Barker , Fiona Petchey , Jean-Jacques Delannoy , Jean-Michel Geneste , Cassandra Rowe , Mark Eccleston , Lara Lamb , Ray Whear. Journal of Archaeological Science (2012).


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