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Research to establish a series of long-duration paleo-environmental and paleo climate reconstructions for the Kimberley region spanning the last 60,000 years has been awarded an Australia Research Council grant of $460,429. The project was seed funded by the Kimberley Foundation Australia.

The multi-disciplinary research program Unlocking the environmental archives of the Kimberley’s past is led by Professor Hamish McGowan at The University of Queensland. RAA provided seed funding of $40k to support the initial research phase and has committed an additional cash contribution of $360k for the exciting next phase. RAA is a recognised vital collaborator and partner organisation in this research. The cash total of $860,429 over four years is supported with in-kind funding from both Dunkeld Pastoral Company and the RAA, leveraging the project a further $78k.

Collaborating with Kimberley Foundation Australia, Dunkeld Pastoral Co Pty Ltd, Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg and seven other universities, the project aims to provide new understanding of the causes of environmental change and impacts on Australia’s Kimberley region since the arrival of Australia’s earliest inhabitants, and to inform conservation policy that will preserve the region’s globally significant rock art against environmental change and economic development. Ultimately all researchers in the Kimberley will be able to access a paleo-environments and paleoclimate e-atlas for the Kimberley which will be hosted on the RAA website.

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CEO Cas Bennetto

Kimberley Foundation Australia

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