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There is growing momentum around the importance of Australia’s rock art heritage.

Journey to Camp

The Melbourne University team (Helen Green, Damien Finch, Jordy Grinpukel, Paul Hartley) and UWA (Sven Ouzman) flew to Kununurra via Broome and drove into camp, overnighting at Theda station for a welcome rest, shower and a lovely meal. We left for camp the next morning, loaded up and cleaner than we would be again for the next three weeks. Led in convoy by rock art specialist Cecilia Myers, camp cook Robin Maher and station right hand John Gibb, we finally arrived safely at our destination: a slightly sooty but beautiful spot next to the Drysdale River where we pitched tents, dug toilets, turfed out eight legged locals (see picture), set up an impressive kitchen and even two ‘science tents’ for evening debriefs. Paul Hartley, our brilliant camp manager, got us on the straight and narrow with helpful instruction boards and amazing camp inventions, whilst we sat down to the first of many of Robin’s incredible meals. Tired, but happy to be at our final destination we opted for an early night under a blanket of outback stars and a spotlight full moon.

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